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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sexual Abuse And Killing Of Minors On The Rise In Kasur

There have been an alarming raise in the number of cases of sexual abuse and murders of minors in the city of Kasur lately.

According to media reports, cases of rape and murder have seen a rise in Kasur and over the last six months, at least 10 children were sexually abused and murdered in the city.

Residents of Kasur organised a rally to protest the failure of concerned authorities to crack down on criminals involved in raping and then murdering minor girls.

Most of these unfortunate incidents took place in the areas of Ali Park, Gulberg Colony, Perowala Road,

The rally started from Railway Station Chowk and stopped at Adda Lilyani where the participants raised their voice against the heinous crimes.

Although police claimed of making some arrests in the cases, the protesters said they wanted to be informed who the accused were. The protesters chanted slogans against the police and demanded they be heard.

The Senate on Friday passed a bill which for the first time makes sexual assault against minors, child pornography and trafficking a punishable act.

The Senate passed a bill in 2016, making sexual assault against minors, child pornography and trafficking a punishable act, but the incidents continue to take place unabashedly.

A child sexual abuse scandal in Husain Khanwala village of Kasur continues to haunt the locals, with this latest wave of yet other such incidents adding to the pain of the sufferers.

Around two years ago, local gangs abused and filmed hundreds of children in the village. They were said to be an organised gang of criminals who would also sell the videos later.

CM Punjab takes notice

Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif took notice of the new report and ordered provision of relief to the victims. The chief minister has also sought a report from DPO Sheikhupura and DPO Kasur.

Meanwhile, DPO Kasur has claimed that most of those involved in the heinous crime of rape and murder are in custody and many have been killed in encounters.

Courtesy: Geo / 92 News

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