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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Child molestation is not a joke: Hadiqa Kiani on Yasir Hussain's slip of tongue

The tasteless joke made by the show’s host Yasir Hussain on the 5th Hum Awards when Ahsan Khan won the award for his role in critically acclaimed serial Udaari, left many furious.

While Jibran Nasir slammed the Lahore Se Aagay actor’s crass humour on Twitter, Hadiqa Kiani also gave her two cents on the matter.

The Dupatta singer, who was present at the award ceremony, took to Twitter to expressed her feeling about the very delicate issue Udaari showcased and how Yasir’s joke ruined it all.

She wrote, “I guess I was lucky enough to have left the award show before this disgusting joke was cracked. This is exactly what’s wrong with out society, people think it’s okay to stoop so low and speak in such a foul manner. I’m not putting the blame exclusively on Mr Yasir Hussain, but on everyone in the room who sat in that room and laughed along… you all deserved to be questioned.”

“Staying silent in the face of rape culture is bad enough…but to laugh along and encourage it? Despicable. God, when especially honouring Ahsan and the whole Udaari team for shedding light on such an issue…all of it was just tainted by that joke. So, in case you need to be reminded, child molestation is not a joke, it is a serious crime that violates BASIC human rights. Disgusted,” she further added.

Here’s the original post:

Muniba Mazari, too condemned the crude joke and posted:

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