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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Online medical treatment for Adiala Jail inmates

Rawalpindi - A special online system has been installed in Adiala Jail for provision of online medical treatment to prisoners of Adiala Jail.

According to media reports, under the  directives of District and Session Judge Suhail Nasir, all senior  doctors of three major hospitals of Rawalpindi will check and diagnose the disease of  prisoners of Adiala Jail while sitting in their respective hospitals.

A special online system has been installed in jail in this regard under which  prisoner patients will be able to get medical treatment through a video link while senior doctors would go in jail in special case.

Under this programme, precious time of senior doctors will be saved besides prisoner patients would also avail the opportunity of online treatment.

This system is referred to tele-medicine. In the western countries and lately in Pakistan as well, tele treatments are getting more famous.  There are numerous organization within Pakistan who have started tele-counseling, tele-psychotherapy and tele-psychiatry services as well.

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